June 15, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

What is a Gallery Reading:It is an intimate two-hour gathering of like-minded audience members where the reader brings messages from spirit about departed loved ones. Messages vary from healing to personal stories. All readings are done in a loving safe environment with an intention to bring a sense of peace and proof of continuation after death. Although not everyone may get a message, most people can apply the messages Received to their lives. This gallery will include spirit portraits.

What to expect with Jenny:If you have never experienced a gallery reading, It would be an honor to have you there. The evening will start with a short meditation, and then I will start by delivering the messages as I receive them from spirit. I sometimes draw some sketches before I start and will present them to you, the audience, to see if you recognize them. I can guarantee one thing. Simply that the gallery readings are magical and hopefully you would want to repeat the experience again. The evening will end with a short Q & A.

Come prepared: before you show up, ask your angels and loved ones to come close. Ask them the questions you want to know. This helps bring them closer to us. Also, if you have photos or small items you can bring them with you. I sometimes do photo readings. When you hear evidence please speak up. Yes and no answers are highly appreciated. The more you speak up the stronger the energy.

$30- Pre-Registration is encouraged or $35 the day of at the door (space permitting!)

About Jenny:

Jenny is an honest, experienced medium who can answer your questions about love, relationships, and life and predict outcomes of most situations accurately. “I do not sugar coat things. I will tell you what you NEED to hear and not what you WANT to hear. Whether your question needs a yes and no answer or need to analyze situation further. I can help you. If you are drawn to me, then I am the right reader for you.”

Jenny is an international psychic medium, intuitive, intuitive relationship advisor, clairvoyant, reiki master, spiritual healer, spiritual coach, spirit artist, tarot reader, writer, and spiritual podcaster. She has worked in Europe and the US as a platform medium and psychic/spiritual advisor since 2003. Jenny is a certified teacher by Tony Stockwell and has been featured in “Spirit Paintings and Art from the Afterlife: The Greatest Spirit Artists and Medium Painters of all Time: THE WORLD’S 1st BOOK ON PSYCHIC ARTISTS. Jenny is also a certified psychic by BoB Olsen’s Best psychic Directory. In April 2018, Jenny launched “Sexify Your Soul”. A spiritual podcast with meditation how to, available on iTunes and SPOTIFY.

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