October 19, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Catrin Bataille is a Jungian, Spiritual Psychotherapist, Astro-Soulmap Reader, Art-Therapist and Transformational Tarot Reader visiting from France.

She is offering the following:

EMOTIONAL HEALINGS + ENERGY CLEANSINGS: Are you feeling anxiety in Love, Finances, Health or any other area in your life? This individualized session is a combination of modalities to put you back on track! $60/45minutes or $75/1 hour

TAROT READINGS:Open your box of secrets to find profound answers and solutions to all of your questions The Tarot is an ancient wisdom reflecting divine energies and the structure of life. All is energy and our conscious mind sees only the surface…So, are you curious to know what is underneath? Do you want to see and feel more than that to find truth, balance, deep insight and empowerment? Certified from Advanced Britain TV award winner and book author Tiffany Crosara  $40/30min $75/1 Hr

ASTRO-SOULMAP READINGS: “Your Life is outstanding and precious”… Get clear directions and deep meaning of your soul’s journey, your unique designed path and how to use all of your resources. Deep understanding of your life purpose from your soul’s perspective ends confusion and suffering. Being on the right track, your energy will flow while your life becomes a source of joy and sense. Based on your birth chart from a Karmic and Evolutionary Astrology viewpoint, 1-hour sessions connect you to an ancient wisdom making you feel delighted. (Reservations must be made a minimum of 2 days prior to appt. Info needed: date, place and time of birth) $80/1 Hr

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