January 4, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Come and release what no longer serves to make way for what does. Make love to your Chakras.

I invite you to dance in your colors, move your chakras, and fill them with love and a higher vibration…all along side an ancient drumbeat.

~~~ Who comes to Chakra Healing Dance?~~~

*those seeking a safe and supportive space to be in their bodies

*those wanting to dance and feel free!

*those seeking to heal their organs and bodies, ridding themselves of toxins and stagnation that lead no longer serve.

*those needing to clear and calm their mind

*those needing to reconnect with their sensuality, power and love ♥♥

*those wanting to play through creative movement

*those developing more deeply their sensitivity and spiritual awareness

*those wanting a fully physical activity without too much demand on the body


Chakra Dance is an ancient shamanic and yogic form of Healing, Empowerment, and Meditative Presence.

Allow your body-wisdom to guide you, as the beat of the drum (played by Manuel Aguilar) raises your vibration and connects you with your higher self in a safe and loving environment. Disconnect from the internal dialogue, and move naturally into deep movement. Feel the powerful energies that reside in your miraculous body. Breathe deep, and play with your inner self !!

~~ As we dance:

* we awaken our connection with our essential Self: Power, Wisdom, Love

* remove physical toxins and repressed/unbalanced emotions

* liberate anxiety, stress and depression

* actively create inner vitality and brightness, physical strength and exuberance

* we will connect deeper with our own personal power (which supports self-esteem, healthy relationships, success in business, dormant talents and the energy to discover and realize our Essential Purpose)

We will journey through our inner landscape to the beat of the drum. I invite you to rediscover your hidden powers and the strengths of your many dimensions. We will be reclaiming this power to overcome all obstacles in our lives and bring forth vitality and abundance.

There is no need for a spiritual practice or background, or training in dance.

……Come in comfortable clothing and bring water, it is a workout. Please be on time. Space is Limited.  Cost $35

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