Healers & Readers


MONDAYS 11:30-6PM Spiritual Counseling and Vibrational Medicine with Moldavite Maggy   Moldavite Maggy is an independent Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Healer, and Spiritual Counselor. She is the creator of The 9 Code Crystal Prescription, and Founder of the Divine Trinity Healing Program. Her journey with energy healing began over two decades ago. With the 2012 Consciousness Shift she received a message from her Guides to visit a small, family owned metaphysical shop; where she would continue to learn, heal, and ultimately create the change she was seeking in her life. Here at Five Sisters she found her Soul Tribe and Spiritual Home. In 2015 she was activated by her Star Family and Light Language started to flow through her. She began receiving symbols and light-codes as she was infused with the highest vibrational energy she had ever felt. Moldavite Maggy shares that if Five Sisters changed her life, it can change yours too. She believes, beyond a shadow of doubt, that it is time for you to share your love, light, and talents with the world, and is passionate about helping you do it. This Vibrational Medicine Woman continues to learn, heal and grow with every client she sees; joyously and willingly empowering you through the following Spiritual Services: Light Language Transmissions –  DNA Activations and Repair – De-programming and Extractions – Unbinding and Soul Contract Re-negotiations. Private Spiritual Consultations through the use of Numerology, Crystals, Psychic Mediumship and Divine Guidance available, as well as Energy Healings, Vibrational Medicine, and a variety of workshops, meditations, and training that will help guide you through your spiritual journey.  $45/30min $85/1Hr

TUESDAYS 11:30-7pm Psychic Card Readings w/ SuzanneAs a fifth generation Psychic, Suzanne works with your guides to offer a unique card reading experience. Her gift is accurate and offers guidance and answers to your inquiries regarding present and future situations  $45/30min $85/1Hr

TUESDAYS 12:30-6PM Reiki, Regressions + Hypnotherapy with Jed

“Reiki Energy Healing with Jed”

Feeling Stuck? Low Energy? Overwhelmed by Stress or Anxiety?” Book a private session with Jed Shlackman, holistic healer, for an hour of cleansing and clearing. With the use of sound (Crystal bowls), color crystals, intuition, intention, and pure Divine Reiki energy, Jed will help you release the stuck energy and unhealthy patterns from your energetic body. By clearing tension and distortions and rebalancing and realigning your energy system you will gain a feeling of lightness and openness that you need to move forward and flow through your life in a more, desirable way. The session starts with a brief intake in which you may identify any concerns you wish to address – and then the transformation starts! Sessions are customized to your needs!

Reiki $25/15 min. $45/30 min $85/60 min (English)

“Past-Life Regression/Spiritual Hypnosis – Therapeutic Private Sessions with Jed”

Past-life regression is a therapeutic practice which guides your consciousness to a deeply relaxed state where your awareness is directed beyond time and space to explore memories and visions revealed by your subconscious mind and soul. Each experience during a regression session is unique. Past-life memories can be brought up to allow for healing and understanding, to gain insight into one’s life path, or to release patterns or illnesses carried over from another lifetime. The regression experience can also lead you into the spiritual realm, where loved ones and spiritual beings of light may guide you and support you on your journey. Jed is a licensed mental health counselor and certified hypnotherapist and author of the metaphysical guide book Consciousness, Creation, And Existence: A Guide to the Grand Adventure. $110/ 1.5 hr

WEDNESDAYS 11:30-6:30pm Psychic Card Readings w/ Elvira A Spiritual Intuitive Adviser and Healer, Medium, Clairvoyant& Card Reader. Her gifts have been passed down through ancestors, as a fifth generation Psychic; Elvira has helped many people over the years to find solutions and understanding for a better and happier life. English / Spanish  $45/30min $85/1Hr

THURSDAYS 11:30-6PM Spiritual Card Readings with Geraldine Geraldine is a clairvoyant that has been reading Gypsy Card since she was 15 years old. She is also mastered in reading Tarot and Angel Cards. Her readings will give you precise guidance of what you are living at that moment and what is important. (English, Spanish + Portuguese)  $45/30min $85/1Hr

THURSDAYS 12:30-4:30PM Spiritual Counseling and Vibrational Medicine with Moldavite Maggy 

FRIDAYS 1-7PM Spiritual Card Readings with Suzanne As a fifth generation Psychic, Suzanne works with your guides to offer a unique card reading experience. Her gift is accurate and offers guidance and answers to your inquiries regarding present and future situations  $45/30min $85/1Hr

***SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Include a rotation of both Local + Out-of-Town Guest Readers

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Readings with Psychic-Medium Jenny 11:30-4:30PM Jenny is an honest, experienced medium who can answer your questions about love, relationships, and life and predict outcomes of most situations accurately. “I do not sugar coat things. I will tell you what you NEED to hear and not what you WANT to hear. Whether your question needs a yes and no answer or need to analyze situation further. I can help you. If you are drawn to me, then I am the right reader for you.” Jenny is an international psychic medium, intuitive, intuitive relationship advisor, clairvoyant, reiki master, spiritual healer, spiritual coach, spirit artist, tarot reader, writer, and spiritual podcaster. She has worked in Europe and the US as a platform medium and psychic/spiritual advisor since 2003. $65/30minutes   $120/1HR

Psychic Readings and Healings w/ Ana Maria Pineda Angel Therapy Practitioner, Astrologer, Intuitive Healer, and Psychic for over 15 years  $45/30min $85/1Hr English/Spanish

Readings with Medium Emary   As an Intuitive Psychic Medium, Channeler, Tarot Card reader, Tea Leaf reader and Spirit Artist, Emary can pass on messages from passed loved ones and can help guide you with life situations. Everything she receives she channels through spirit and her spirit guides. Emary will always give validation and confirmation that your loved ones are still with you. Emary discovered her gift in her late teens. She believes her gift has been passed on to her from most of her past lives, where in those days she as well was helping people with this ability. Emary’s mission is to help, heal and connect as many people with their loved ones to let them know the love is not gone, we don’t die, we go on.  $45/30min $85/1Hr

Spiritual Readings + Healings with Mariela  Come see Mariela for unique spiritual experience! Connect with your Akashic Records, receive an intuitive reading from her Thoth and Angel Cards. She also is available for a healing, working with the unlocking of your energies and the cleansing of your Chakras to take you to the next level. Reiki is available for both people and pets. English + Spanish. $45/30min $85/1Hr

Store Policies

We highly recommend calling in advance to book a Private Session as they often fill-up, walk-ins are welcome if there is availability. All Classes & Readings are CASH ONLY! If you sign up for a reading/class and cannot make it, PLEASE CALL TO CANCEL 2+ hours before scheduled time! PLEASE SIGN UP FOR ALL EVENTS, as some are limited on space. THANK YOU, Namaste